Vehicle Rig – Code

Code for MELscript vehicle project.

Vehicle Rig – Project Write Up

First MELscript project.

Solo Project

For the green blob, I rigged the tongue with IK spline, used orient constraints on the eyes, used a lattice deformer for a “breathing” motion and added some soft body/spring effects. I also created a posing rig for the monkey. Close up shots can be seen in the 3D Character category.

Helicopter Rig

Created model with working gears, pistons, levers, and other mechanical type rigs/animations. Also used dynamics for a few visual effects.

Character Rig

First character rig from scratch. Not my model. Pleased with skinning and painting of weights (became familiar with Maya’s component editor). Used a sculpt flexor for bicep bulge, IK for the back, arms and legs, set driven keys for the hands.